Post Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:35 am

Member Conduct

I will make this short and sweet, HCJ is a family friendly private club, this is written in the club guidelines. (please refer to them if you have any questions and please ask STAFF if you have any concerns) I will remind everyone that we do not condone any ILLEGAL substance use in any manner or form. This means any club activity or any time you have a HCJ logo or banner on which could be but not limited to, a club shirt, hat, or even the club sticker on your Jeep - you are representing the club. People will generalize that you are a representative of the club.

We reserve the right to remove a members membership and privileges for any reason that would or could be seen as a negative image on the club as a whole. This would include illegal, wreckless or dangerous behavior that could have a negative impact on the club or it's members.

Consider this your only warning.